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After 5000 years of "Tapasya" Ashwathama wakeup in different time, he saw the world changed so much and In today's world people are corrupted and perverted, Ashwathama wanted to die as this is not his time line and he has nothing to gain, but to Kill himself he needs his Gem back.

While looking for it, he got to know it returned to Moon, the previous moon lord from Dwapar yuga is dead, his position is replaced by "Chandrama". This is a story of an immortal who wanted to die, a concept where the GOD's are not immortal, the stay in different dimenstion where people don't get old as fast as mortal's are. The so called immortal Demi God's Technically and scientific are more advanced which we call magic. The magic, which is defined by modern science but , yet unable to touch the level where demi-god's can do to connect directly with the nature.


The NAME "Aswatthaman" means "the horse-voiced" because when he was born he cried like a horse. He was also known as "Drauni", the son for Famous GURU Droncharya and he is the grandson of the Brahmin sage Bharadwaja. He was appreciated for his loyalty to Duryodhana and he fought on the Kaurava side against the Pandavas. Ashwathama is one of the avatar of the eleven Rudras and he is one of the seven Chiranjeevi. It is believed the in the Kurukshetra War the only living survivor is himself long with his maternal uncle Kripa. Ashwathama is considered to be one of the foremost among the rishis in Kaliyuga. The unique specialty of the "GEM" is that it protected him from hunger, thirst and fatigue.
Ashwathama was from very poor family, once when Ashwathama was a child, he wanted to drink milk like boy of his age. Not even owning a cow, Ashwathama himself painted his lips with a mixture of wheat flour with water, making it seem as if he had drank milk. The whole episode which Dronacharya saw made him saddened. Then Dronacharya remembered his childhood friend Drupada who had promised to give Dronacharya half of whatever he had. But when Dronacharya went to the court of Drupada to ask for a cow, King Drupada humiliated Dronacharya saying friendship existed only between equals. He told Drona to ask as for alms, but not as a friend, then Drupada would do his kingly duty and provide him whatever he asks for. Refusing, Dronacharya returned empty-handed and humiliated.
After Kurukshetra fight Ashwathama was cursed by Lord Krishna to become immortal and roam
around the globe with his agony,

as he killed five sons of Pandaba's in an unethical and cruel way. Ashwathama was forced to give away his Gem of pride, which was given by Moon lord. His blessing of immortality turned into a curse and he joined the league of Chiranjeevis (The timeless or extremely long live, but not necessarily immortals). Since then Ashwatthama is roaming around on earth For the last 5000 years Ashwathama was meditating to recover his strength and punished himself not to communicate with the mortal world and remain silent, while doing his meditation he got to know the un-wanted happenings around the world, from Dwapara yuga it's mid-phase of Kaliyuga.

REAL FACTS : Journey of Ashwathama

The present moon lord who has power to call any God or demi God. She is protector of Gem of Anshwathama and gateway of adobe.

We got some interesting facts that, there is a temple near Dehradun and people call it temple of Ashwathama.

He travelled from Sindhu lands towards the area of Combodia. Writer: Arijit Bhattacharyya

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The magic, which is defined by modern science but yet unable to touch the lavel to
connect directly with the nature.